Tasty Vegetables

This healthy cooking class is taught by Anne Massie of Altered Eats. She will focus on dressing up seasonal vegetables. The class includes printed recipes, samples of several dishes and a live cooking demo with healthy eating pointers. Anne will demonstrate a delicious strawberry basil dressing, sauces for veggie dipping, and give pointers for creating your own personal dressing that your family will love!


When: June 1

Time: 6-7:30 PM


  • Non-members: $50
  • Members: $45
  • Volunteers: $40

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Self-Defense: 5-part series

Train with a Black Belt to learn to protect yourself from danger.  Techniques will include Karate Do, Arnis, Kali & Silat with Judo and Hapkido throws and takedowns.  This is a fun class to earn belt ranks and get fit!

Instructor Ted Weaver (also a Kingwood Staff member) has a Blackbelt in Shotokan and Tae-kwon Do, and has trained in Arnis, and Silat & Kali.  He teaches in many local venues including the Ashland Salvation Army at the Ray and Joan Kroc Corps. Community Center.

Only 12 students per class for lots of individual instruction.

When: Tuesday's, May 1-29


  • Youth (ages 7+): 6-7:30pm
  • Adult (13+): 7:30-9pm

Fees for the 5-part series:

  • Non-members: $50
  • Members: $25

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Painting in the Garden

Who wants to paint in a stuffy room, when Kingwood’s Gardens can inspire you? Juli Parsons of Lasercraft Enterprises will lead you through the artists process as you paint a beautiful water scene work on canvas, while in the Kingwood Rose Garden. The Exhibit Hall will be used in the event of inclement weather, but its wall of windows overlooks the Rose Garden.

Non-members - $25, Members - $20, Volunteers - $23

When: June 5

Time:6-8 pm 

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Fairy Terrarium

Holly VanKeuren, Kingwood’s Garden Shop Coordinator, will teach you how to create your own Fairy Terrarium using houseplants, stones, branches, mosses and more. All materials will be provided to make your own whimsical world.

Non-members - $35, Members - $30, Volunteers - $32

When: June 7

Time: 6-7:30pm

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Summer Container Garden

Join Kingwood’s Director of Horticulture, Doug Schuster, and learn how to make a stunning container that will last all summer. You’ll create your own container that will include a decorative container, grass, annuals, and vines. You’ll also be provided tips on how to maintain the container for the entirety of the summer.

Non-members - $33, Members - $30, Volunteers - $28

When: June 2nd

Time: 10-11:30AM

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What better place to stretch, relax, and become one with yourself and nature than at Kingwood Center Gardens?


Dear friend of Kingwood and yogi, Claudia Cummins, will be teaching two extraordinary yoga class series this spring within the gardens of Kingwood.

NO CLASSES, May 23rd & 24th

Wednesdays, April 25 - June 20: 9-10:30am is Yoga in the Garden*.  This series will be a gentle and meditative yoga experience.  All levels are welcome to come, and students will be encouraged to tailor the experience to their own needs.

Cost: $80 for 8 sessions, but you will receive a Kingwood Individual membership upon payment

Members: $40 for 8 sessions

Volunteers: $60 for all 8 sessions

Drop-in fee is $12, dependent on space available

Thursdays, April 26 - June 21: 5:30-6:30pm is Unwind Yoga in the Garden*.  This series will explore movement, breathing and mediation practices that leave the body clear, the mind calm, and the spirit soothed while breathing in the fresh air of Kingwood's gardens.  This class will be a beautiful way to slide peacefully into the weekend.

Cost: $72 for all 8 sessions, but you will receive a Kingwood Individual membership upon payment

Members: $36 for the 8 sessions

Volunteers: $45 for all 8 sessions

Drop-in fee is $11, dependent on space available

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* All Classes will have a rain location 


Fairy 1                                                                          


Come share in the magic! Create your own Fairy Garden!

Join Doug Schuster, Greenhouse Manager, in learning what soils to use, what types of plants work best, and how to balance it all with the right accessories.

Whether you make it for yourself or plan it as a gift, you will have a great time putting this container together.


Date: Thursday, July 14, 2016

Time: 6 - 7:30pm

Choose a large or small garden:

  • Small - $30, members and volunteers $27
  • Large - $55, members and volunteers $49


Hurry!  Seats are limited!  Call, 419.522.0211, ext. 107 to reserve your spot




When registering by mail please make checks payable to Kingwood Center Gardens.

Register by phone by calling 419-522-0211, Ext. 107.

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All fees must be paid in advance. Participants may cancel no later than three days prior to the class to have fees returned. A $3 administrative fee will be deducted from fees returned. Classes with insufficient enrollment will be canceled and fees returned. All materials are included unless otherwise stated.