When you enter Kingwood Hall and step into the foyer, you'll find exhibit cases flanking the fountain just ahead. On the left side, you can explore the history of the Ohio Brass Company, where Mr. King rose to the top after joining the company as their first electrical engineer. The industrial history of Mansfield is rich and this display is but a small piece of our incredible story. 

In the display cases to the left, you'll notice our new exhibit for 2020: Elegant Entertaining, Kingwood-style. Mr. King loved to travel, but when he was at home he was quite the entertainer. Here you'll find a sampling his eclectic collection that ranges from the ornate to the unique. Make sure to read the history of some of these beautiful pieces.

On the 2nd floor, almost tucked away between the elevator and the kitchen, you'll find another small display case with something new this year. Mr. King's botanical book collection is extensive and has only continued to grow after his passing. In this display, we've highlighted just a small but lovely selection of his literary keepsakes.