Our tulip display is under siege from a chronic disease.*


If you enjoy our tulip beds as much as we do, you can help with your time and/or your donations.


Time: We need volunteers to help remove the spent tulips at the end of their blooming period in the latter part of May, and help planting tulips in the fall. Select “Tulips and Annuals” under volunteer options when you visit our volunteer page. Current volunteers can call 419.522.0211 ext.110 to add Tulips and Annuals as a volunteer option.

Donations: To fight this disease we need to plant a suitable alternative to tulips for a few years in the worst of the beds in order to gradually get the tulip disease out of our beds. Hyacinths are our alternative of choice for tulips, but they are significantly more expensive even for the initial six beds we plan to rotate out of tulips for a few years. Just those six beds will cost us an additional $1,000 a year over what tulips would have cost, and we will need to do this for years gradually addressing all our tulip beds.

If you can help us with a donation, click here, and then type “Restore the Tulip Beds” in the comment box. We have received donations at the Gold level of $100, and the Bronze level of $25. We expect the restoration costs to be a recurring annual expense, and you will also have the option to support Year 2 in our annual appeal this fall.

No matter how you are able to help, all of us at Kingwood say a HUGE Thank you!

*To read more about our tulip beds and this issue, go our Blog and read The Dark Side of Kingwood's Tulips