Join us every Tuesday at 11am or 12pm for Cultivation Education!

You will learn about insects, animals, our environment and, of course, gardening in this series at the Peacock Playhouse.
This is a FUN, FREE (admission applies to non-members) lesson that changes each week!
Cultivation Education begins on May 9th and will continue EVERY TUESDAY until September 26th.
The last Tuesday of every month is BIRD DAY!
Each class is a full 55 minutes long.  Click on any of the Activities below to get the full lesson plan.

For more information, call 419.522.0211

Due to overwhelming popularity, we are going to start asking for RSVPs starting in June.  

We will also be limiting class size to 30, but holding TWO offerings: one at 11am and the other at 12pm.

PLEASE feel free to call, even day-of, to see if there are any open slots available.

RSVP for your free tickets today!

July Lessons:

July 4th:

 NO CLASS - Happy Independence Day!

July 11th: Ladybugs Rock!

The purpose of this lesson is to learn more about ladybugs. We will read a text on ladybugs, play a ladybug matching game, and make ladybug rocks. We will learn all about ladybugs, including their coloring, origin, and purpose.

July 18th: Butterflies

The purpose of this activity is to learn about metamorphosis and the many different types of butterflies. We are going to act out the metamorphosis, after reading a short informational text. We are then going to make cupcake liner butterflies.

July 25th: All About Hummingbirds

We will learn all about Hummingbirds. We will learn about how they fly, what they eat, what they do, and what they look like. We will observe hummingbirds at Kingwood, and learn how to make nectar. We will also make our own hummingbird feeders.