Join us every Tuesday at 11am or 12pm for Cultivation Education! err..


You will learn about insects, animals, our environment and, of course, gardening in this series at the Peacock Playhouse.
This is a FUN, FREE (admission applies to non-members) lesson that changes each week!
Cultivation Education begins on May 9th and will continue EVERY TUESDAY until August 29th.
The last Tuesday of every month is BIRD DAY!
Each class is a full 55 minutes long.  Click on any of the Activities below to get the full lesson plan.

For more information, call 419.522.0211


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August Lessons:

August 1st: Frog Vs. Toad

The purpose of this lesson is to learn all about amphibians. We will learn about habitats, appetites, appearance, and much more. We will also learn about the differences between a toad and a frog. This is a great opportunity to introduce our frog filled gardens!

August 8th: NO CLASS

Class cancelled for Special Event

August 15th: Frog Predators

The purpose of this activity is to learn about predators and prey, through frogs! We will learn about the animal food chain and how it relates to frogs in nature. We will also learn about the animals that are prey to frogs, and the animals that are predators to frogs.

August 22nd: The Plight of the Frog

Where are the frogs?  Researchers say that around 200 kinds of frogs have disappeared since 1979. That’s one species every 66 days. What can we do to help frogs? And why are they disappearing? These are things we will go over in this lesson.

August 29th: Birds & Frogs

Do birds and frogs get along? Are they the best of friends? Or enemies? In this lesson, we will learn all about the relationship between our amphibian friends and our aviator friends.


*Please note that Admission into Kingwood still applies.